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Filled to Capacity

Posted On 7/2/2014 2:04 PM

Summer is a time for kids to have fun in the sun and not worry about school for a few months. Here at Brighton Hill, summer is a hectic time; parents want to get their children in for their annual physicals, sports physicals for fall sports are due, kids still get sick. Then there are the forms; forms for camp, forms for sports, forms for Scouts, forms for daycare, forms for college, etc.. While we are thrilled to have the privilege of so many wonderful families in our practice, summertime means that our resources are pushed to their maximum limits and sometimes, beyond. This summer particularly, the demand for services is far greater than normal, and we are struggling to meet these demands. What you can do to help and reduce any frustration on your part:

1) Schedule your child's physical during their birth month, instead of the summer (unless of course that is their birth month). Annual physicals are good for a one year period so children should be ok to start school or day care if they have a physical that is less than 12 months old. For most community sports leagues, and camps (ie Little League, Scout Camp), this should also hold true. We are currently booked to capacity for physicals for the summer. We are keeping a waiting list for any cancellations, but if you have not yet scheduled your child's physical, you can expect that the soonest one can be scheduled is after Labor Day.

2) Keep your scheduled appointment! While we understand that emergencies do come up, please know that right now, rescheduled physicals will occur after Labor Day.

3) Book next year's appointment on your way out the door from this year's physical!

4) If your child is sick, please do call us immediately so they can be evaluated, rather than wait until the end of the week/end of the day. We ask that you try to bring the child in as early in the day as possible as well, so as to get them relief faster, and thus able to recover quicker to enjoy our limited summer weather. We book appointments in a first available order and fill up throughout the day. You may not always be able to see your child's primary provider, but will be taken care of if you can call earlier versus later in the day/week.

5) Forms; we are getting hundreds per week. When the staff advise you it could take up to a week, it is not to frustrate you - it is simply the truth. With the volume we are currently experiencing, we now have a dedicated staff member who is doing the intake and then getting the forms out to the providers to review and sign. Your child's primary provider is not here every day, and when they are, their main focus is on the children being seen. They try to review and sign forms throughout the day if possible. They carefully review before they sign to make sure nothing is missing. We ask that you send/bring in your forms well ahead of when they are needed to avoid last minute issues that cause frustration for you, our staff and our providers.

6) Be kind to our staff; they are working hard to try to accommodate your needs. Sometimes it is not always possible.