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Posted On 7/11/2018 11:17 AM

POMCO/UMR UPDATE!! ATTENTION POMCO INSURED PARENTS - ALL POMCO policies (except Oneida Nation Employees) have EXPIRED as of JULY 1st, 2018. UMR has been slowly transitioning Pomco plans, and as of 7/1, they are now complete with the above noted exception. Parents must provide BHP with their new UMR policy information for all visits/services provided from July1st forward. We cannot bill your claims under your old POMCO ID as they will not be accepted. If we do not receive your information, we cannot submit claims to insurance on your behalf, thus all bills will become patient responsibility after 90 days from date of service. If you have not gotten your new insurance cards from your employer (we are hearing that some have not) - Please contact your HR department immediately, as they should have mailed those out to you by now. Please feel free to contact our billing office if you have any questions or concerns.